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Opens up new perspectives on your life, changes limiting inner voices, helps you cope with pain, illness or phobias and reconnects you with your inner resources so that you can achieve your goals... read more


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Are you interested in the quality of your life?
Want for you internal structure?
You have come to the address.

My name is Elena Yaniy.
I am a psychologist, Gestalt therapist.
I have been in private practice since 2013.

My diplomas and certificates can be viewed on my website: www.psy-yaniy.kz

Have you been in personal therapy?

Yes, with great interest in the process and pleasure.
I have devoted more than 180 hours to individual therapy. Group practice - more than 250 hours.

I adhere to an integrative approach - everything is important: the Soul, the Body, the Relationships and the way we live.

Who do I work with?

There are lots of observers among my clients, including    psychologists, economists, specialists, entrepreneurs and people of creative professions, housewives, students who already have a positive experience in therapy (at the same time, there were many clients who had never turned to a psychologist before contacting me but they liked it).

The geography is wide: Kazakhstan, America, Germany, France, England, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Arab Emirates and other countries.

I work with Russian speakers from different countries.

I am from Kazakhstan, I was born, grew up and studied in Almaty. Now I live in Dubai.

What questions do they ask me?

  • Goals, business or career issues.
  • Emotional state, apathy, fear, anxiety, depression.
  • Psychosomatics.
  • Conflicts with loved ones.
  • Divorce.
  • Finding your purpose.
  • Relationships with the opposite sex.
  • Lack of confidence and low self-esteem.
  • Relocation and change of residence.

What this meeting will give you:

  • You better catch yourself, your personality and attractiveness.
  • Raise your self-esteem
  • Learn to make time for yourself
  • Work through the interests and grievances that prevent you from living a prosperous life.

Together we can find the source of opportunity.

Because often people in hopelessness do not notice what is in them.

My strength consists of how to find, discover your resources and let you rely on them.

Euphoria Empire
United Arab Emirates

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