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Noble Manhattan created the concept of Coaching Support Groups many years ago and is now delighted to offer this in many cities worldwide, from Bucharest, Romania to Geneva, Switzerland, from Cardiff UK to San Francisco, USA.

A Coaching Support Group is a central hub for coaches, students and anyone interested in coaching and developing human potential.

It is a safe environment which encourages the creation of Master Mind Alliances. Through these groups, our mission is to provide support, motivation, inspiration and information related to coaching and personal development.

How it works

The Coaching Support Group meetings are designed as interactive, motivating and highly enjoyable 2-hour sessions, which take place once a month and are open for everyone to participate.

These monthly meetings include talks, workshops run on aspects of coaching & personal development, debates on current issues, etc.

Usually a Coaching Support Group meeting is divided in 2 parts by a 15 minute refreshment break.

Become a Noble Manhattan CSG member, just by emailing:

Being connected is the feeling of togetherness. It is the set of relationships, personal interactions, and links among the community members each with professional reasons to connect.

Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow!



CSG President

Nadine Chammas is a certified trainer of Hypnotherapy from the American Board of Hypnotists, Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy (TM), Teacher of Theta healing and certified Stage Hypnotist from Las Vegas -Nevada.

"I have a passion for learning and bringing innovative ideas and tools to help people live a positive, healthy, and happy life."

She adds entertainment to every project she's working on.
In education she offers edutainment personal development programs and in training she offers entertainments where she adds her artistic and stage performance skills to leave her audience on a high note.

Her motivational and inspirational talks and shows are full of positive insights, fun and entertainment.



CSG Vice-President

Hind Abou Chahine is a Transformational Life Coach Certified & Accredited, expressive arts therapist, content creator, writer, motivational speaker, painter, strong believer & researcher in HUMAN METAMORPHOSIS, focusing on embodiment in arts and mindfulness, neuroscience, anthropology & positive psychology ...

Creating a community, a safe space for you to seek light, clarity, healing, knowledge, wisdom... and so many keys to unlock your inner powers.


CSG Educational Manager

Rania Chedid has a teaching diploma in Chemistry and a diploma in Practitioner Life Coaching from Noble Manhattan University.

Starting from her inner belief that tremendous changes in life start from individual mindset shifting to the idea that "Nothing is impossible and Impossible is nothing",

Rania could have a big impact on the life of many people, either through group organizational coaching sessions, or through one-to-one sessions. Many testimonials and feedback from clients and entrepreneurs give high credibility to Rania as a well qualified Life Coach.


Euphoria Empire
United Arab Emirates