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Founder, Euphoria Empire

Marcelino Gebrayel is a certified professional Life and Executive & Corporate Coach, a NLP Master Practitioner and a Rapid Transformational therapist, who is passionate about and strongly driven to share his experience and knowledge to help others reach their absolute potential. Marcelino goes all in for his clients, committed and dedicated to provide them with all the skills and tools that are necessary for self-actualization and growth.

Always choosing a career that has a great positive impact on the lives of others, in addition to life coaching, Marcelino’s many years of experience in the fitness industry and renowned reputation as one of the best Master Fitness Trainers and Master Fitness Dance Instructors in the Middle East lead him to his mission of teaching individuals the secret to self-fulfillment and well-being by integrating the mind, body and soul.

In 2020, Marcelino made a decision to leave Lebanon, where he was born and raised, and moved to Dubai in which he took the onset of the pandemic as an opportunity to change lives and proactively guide people to manage through the sudden onset of cognitive and emotional loads this period brought about. With a positive outlook on life and determined to give people access to everything they need for ultimate health, prosperity and happiness, Marcelino founded Euphoria Empire, a company that inspires healthier individuals by giving them access to the best accredited international certificates/diplomas/programs and services in life coaching (in collaboration with Noble Manhattan Coaching), nutrition, fitness, and wellness – all of which Marcelino has substantial experience.

Marcelino’s belief that learning never stops and thirst for knowledge propels him to continually work on new methods to give access to the most up-to-date practices in all of his specialties.
During his regular inspirational webinars and seminars, Marcelino always makes it a point to ‘spice things up’ and engage his audience in his trainings, as he is a firm believer in that through engagement, establishing trust and motivation, people make connections and the educational process becomes a memorable experience.

Believing in the “here and the now”, in seizing the present moment, and in the possibility of life-altering change, Marcelino is currently working on his own corporate coach training workshop to empower organizations and employees to unlock their potential, grasp additional growth opportunities and design a clear path to leadership advancement.

Euphoria Empire
United Arab Emirates