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If life whispered to a school teacher: ‘In 15 years, you will become a TV Presenter, Program Producer, Editor, Zumba Instructor, Life coach and a Mother of Two Amazing Boys’, - ‘I would have laughed at that hilarious imaginary joke.’

Yet, here I am after 15 years, writing to tell you that Change Is Possible.

That is exactly what led me to support others with their pursuit of change.
It won’t happen overnight; nevertheless, during the journey of self-discovery, I will be there to walk with you on a self-knowledge path and to support and motivate you to overcome some speed bumps along the way …

Whenever you feel the need to change, then it will be the time to help you dig deep within yourself and acknowledge your limitations, encounter them, recognize what is stopping you, identify your values and pursue your goals.

My life was like a puzzle, every single piece of my journey led me to where I am now … Life Coaching!

The change in my life as well as the answers that I got throughout my journey of self-discovery motivated me to support others in their own search. It turned out to be my purpose and source of my passion and joy in life.

And, it won’t stop here, as the coaching support group leader in Qatar, the journey will continue to reach out to more people, supporting them, guiding them, being there to listen and help them dig in.

Life is a learning curve’ and as a life coach, I promised myself that it will be an ongoing one…


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